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Husband Series

Husband Series: From the glittering sophistication of Sydney to tropical rainforests, sundrenched beaches and the heat of outback Australia, this series of full length erotic romance novels follows the crazy misadventures of a tight set of girlfriends as they each get past their own emotional baggage to find sexily-ever-after with the man of their dreams.

Note: Husband Series books can be read out of order because each one is stand-alone but, however you devour them, be prepared for a hot-and-bothered experience because the sexy Aussie hunks and Brit bad boys between the pages really know how to show a woman a good time…











Hapless Heroes  

Hapless Heroes Series: These hunky heroes might be hopeless when it comes to romance, but they’ll do any crazy thing to make their sassy heroine swoon and win her heart.

Note: Each novel, novella and short story is stand alone and contains love scenes.











Fantasy Series

Shadow Through Time Series: Dubbed Game of Thrones for girls, this fantasy series will draw you into a sepia world along with Catherine, who must fulfill her destiny as The Light of Ennae. In three books, three headstrong princesses grapple with politics and invading forces while their loyal champions struggle to protect them. These books are not stand-alone and need to be read in order. Each of the three full-length novels features a scorching romance between a princess and her swoon-worthy champion.

Note: There are erotic scenes and horror elements in these novels