In the Works

Releasing in 2017

Husband Fetch (Coming in 2017)HUSBAND FETCH (Husband Series book 5) Singing agent Rosie is wary of men after her cheating husband leaves her. While fighting for custody of her three young children, she’s only interested in one-night-stands, but sexy soldier Cal wants more than her body. He’s after forever, and is determined to prove he’s worthy of her trust.







Husband Lick (Coming in 2017)

HUSBAND LICK (Husband Series book 6) Bad girl Brittany is pregnant and homeless,

so when a job offer comes from her reclusive cousin-in-law, Benedict—an Oxford scholar with an obsession for exercise—she says yes. But can this odd couple move beyond scorching sex before the baby’s loser dad wrecks everything?






Husband Sniff (Coming in 2017)

HUSBAND SNIFF (Husband Series book 7) Ballerina Adele has it all, a career in Paris and impending marriage to the son of her long-time mentor and surrogate father. But when sexy polo player Zac arrives, reigniting the attraction she’d hoped to forget, she’s forced to choose between the security she’s always craved and reckless love.







Husband Play Dead (Coming in 2017)

HUSBAND PLAY DEAD (Husband Series book 8) The failure of her gay marriage leaves Lizzie alone with a newborn, and grateful to her brother-in-law Jai who moves in to help. But Jai knows Lizzie is bisexual and he wants to take his sister’s place, as Lizzie’s husband. When proximity leads to a passion neither can control, Lizzie must choose between ‘friends with benefits’ and risking her heart.