Husband Series

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Husband Sit FOR WEB Book 1: HUSBAND SIT

JILL: My kid sister has pushed me into some tough corners in the past, but this Bangkok debacle takes the cake. What’s worse, she’s sworn me to secrecy, so I now need a hundred and twenty grand and I can’t ask my three girlfriends for help.

Luckily I’ve found a well-paying job, Husband Sitting, but there’s a downside. The husband I’m living with while his wife is on holiday is totally hot, I mean, irresistibly, have to put my hands behind my back hot, and not only that, I think he likes me, despite his “I’m not playing up on my wife” disclaimer. So…do I work for the bedroom bonus she offered if I can lure him into cheating on her? Or do I try to keep it platonic so I don’t fall in love, because love is definitely not in the contract.

FINN: I know my wife is on vacation with a lover, but it’s a girl. That doesn’t count as cheating. So I don’t understand why she’s booked me a Husband Sitter. It’s not like we have an open marriage. I’ve never even looked at another woman…until Jill sauntered in the door. Having her in my house has added a degree of difficulty to faithfulness that I’d never anticipated. The longer she’s here, swimming in my pool, spilling wine on my carpet, the more I realize she’s everything I want in a woman. Sexy, funny, a klutz. I even love her potty mouth. Did I say love? I’ve got to get that out of my head, because she sleeps with other men for money. I don’t know why. Her job drives me stone-cold-crazy with jealousy, but I’m prepared to give up everything to win her—my dysfunctional marriage, my pride, even my self-respect.

The only thing I’m holding onto is love, and that tells me not to let her go.

Crazy meets desperate in this erotic romp that nails the highs and licks the lows of one woman’s struggle to reach sexily-ever-after with the man of her dreams.


Husband Stay FOR WEBBook 2: HUSBAND STAY

Angela Lata is the quiet friend, who only ever wanted two things out of life: a singing career and children. So she’s entitled to a little craziness after discovering that her cheating husband had a vasectomy before their wedding. Still, that’s no excuse to succumb to sexy man-whore Jack, even if he is so gorgeous she can barely breathe in his presence. Hadn’t she learned anything from her girlfriend’s example? The best way to get over one man is NOT to sleep with another.

The trouble is, Angela has never had good sex, let alone great sex, and on the eve of her diva dreams coming true, Jack promises her both. All it takes is one night with him to ruin her completely. Every date afterward suffers in comparison, and with her biological clock ticking loudly and her career not living up to her expectations, what she needs is father material, not pleasure-on-tap.

Tradition meets testosterone in a clash of expectations as unlikely lovers struggle to uncover what they really want from life—and each other.


Husband Heel FOR WEBBook 3: HUSBAND HEEL

Rose Bay socialite Louella Knight is the emotionally repressed friend who’s done everything expected of her for fifteen years—the perfect hostess and the perfect wife with the perfect life. But in the wake of her husband’s shock announcement and her subsequent divorce, her life is thrown into turmoil.

A death threat brings bodyguard Nick Aston into her employ, challenging her icy persona and awakening demons from the past that not even her girlfriends can help her overcome. One shocking experience after another pushes Louella past the limits of her emotional control and into Nick’s bed and his heart, but can she trust that the connection between them is real, or will it fade when the danger has passed?

Take an emotional rollercoaster ride where secrets, surrender and breathtaking sex will have you questioning—what is control?

Husband Rollover FOR WEBBook 4: HUSBAND ROLLOVER

Fritha Wynde is the free-spirited friend, sleeping with whoever grabs her fancy, especially if the grab feels good! She has work that she loves, friends who will let her wear rainbow-colored bridesmaid dresses, and girlfriends’ babies to cuddle. There’s not a thing about her life that she wants changed, until trouble walks into her feel-good teahouse, Bohemian Brew.

Trouble is a six foot two restaurant critic—Max—who has the audacity to ridicule the Banchee Tea, her signature brew, in his annoyingly sexy Brit accent. It’s time to retaliate and a low blow is in order—below the belt to be exact—but when Max discovers how delicious Fritha is, he’ll do anything to have her, including rolling over and playing dead.

Prude meets promiscuous in the fourth book of the Husband Sit Series, bringing all four girlfriends together as Fritha tortures the one man who grabs her fancy along with her heart.



Singing agent Rosie is wary of men after her cheating husband leaves her. While fighting for custody of her three young children, she’s only interested in one-night-stands, but sexy soldier Cal wants more than her body. He’s after forever, and is determined to prove that he’s worthy of her trust.


louise_lick300dpi360x540Book 6: HUSBAND LICK

Bad girl Brittany is pregnant and homeless, so when a job offer comes from her reclusive cousin-in-law, Benedict — an Oxford scholar with an obsession for exercise — she says yes. But can this odd couple move beyond scorching sex before the baby’s loser dad wrecks everything?


louise_sniff300dpi360x540Book 7: HUSBAND SNIFF

Ballerina Adele has it all, a career in Paris and impending marriage to the son of her long-time mentor and surrogate father. But when sexy polo player Zac arrives, reigniting the attraction she’d hoped to forget, she’s forced to choose between the security she’s always craved and reckless love.




The failure of her gay marriage leaves Lizzie alone with a newborn, and grateful to her brother-in-law Jai who moves in to help. But Jai knows Lizzie is bisexual and he wants to take his sister’s place, as Lizzie’s husband. When proximity leads to a passion neither can control, Lizzie must choose between ‘friends with benefits’ and risking her heart.