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amazongiftcardgeneric2016 is racing ahead, and I’m thrilled to share the first four books of my Husband Series of erotic romance novels in one Kindle box set. And as a special promotion for those who get in quick, if you pre-order this collection in the next few days (before it releases on 18 October) you’ll not only buy it at the massively reduced price of 99cents US (the books are currently $3.99 each). You’ll be eligible to enter a special competition:

Once you’ve pre-ordered the box set, forward your Amazon invoice to Nas@NasDean.com and go in the draw to win a $30 Amazon Gift Card! To get started, just click on the cover image below to go to Amazon and purchase the box set.


Husband Series Boxed Set: Books 1 – 4 Crazy Erotic Romance

Four girlfriends, one mission: to each find sexily-ever-after with the man of their dreams. This Husband Series bundle contains the first four books of Louise Cusack’s hot, sexy and smart, stand-alone erotic romance series set across the sprawling landscape of Australia, from the glitter of Sydney to sun-drenched beaches and the scorching heat of the outback.

The first 4 Husband Series Books (over 1000 pages) included in this bundle are:

Husband SIT (book #1): Jill is fresh out of a nowhere relationship and looking for sexual adventure when she meets Finn and falls crazy in love. Technically, however, he’s still married, and that raises moral questions that only get wilder when Jill moves on to more Husband Sitting to earn money to save her kid sister from a Bangkok jail. Keeping secrets from her girlfriends hurts, but the persistence of Finn, who will do anything to win her, might just save the day.

Husband STAY (book #2): Newly divorced Angela has never had good sex, let alone great sex, until she meets hunk-a-licous Jack, who completely blows her mind. Every date afterward suffers in comparison, and on the brink of her diva dreams coming true, Angela must to choose between orgasms-on-demand, and finding the perfect husband and father to help her create a family.

Husband HEEL (book #3): Rose Bay socialite, Louella is grappling with an awkward marriage breakup, and not looking for a lover until her tattooed bodyguard Nick sends her libido into overdrive. They come from different worlds, but it’s the secrets they keep from each other that undermine their budding relationship. When Louella’s emotional baggage arrives with an overweight tag, they have to decide between sticking with scorching sex or risking everything for love.

Husband ROLLOVER (book #4): Fritha is a free spirit, sleeping with whoever she pleases until stuck-up British food critic Max walks into her teahouse and sparks fly, in and out of bed. When they’re together, it’s a smorgasbord of sex and feels that she’s never experienced before. So his demand for a commitment should be thrilling, except, he’s an International celebrity and she’s a girl with a reputation. Not exactly a match made in heaven.

NOTE: These novels contain adult language, adult relationship concepts, and explicit (mind-blowing) sex, so they are not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Praise for the Husband Series

“I think this is my favourite of the three so far. I loved Nicholas the bodyguard(where can I order one like that). He was worthy of panty melting moments.”  Hot books and Sassy Girls book blog

“Crazytown. I loved it!” NY Times & USA Today Best Seller Kylie Scott.

“Hold onto your panties! Husband Sit by Louise Cusack is sexy and titillating from page one. But its more than that. It’s also funny and has a surprisingly deep emotional core that sneaks up on you. It’s utterly unique.” Amy Andrews, award-winning USA Today best-selling author.

“OMG this book was so much fun to read and sexy as h@ll!! 5 hunky stars!!” Melissa, Alpha Book Club

That link to Amazon to buy the box set is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LY1TAQ8 Good luck with your entry!