I might be writing sexy now, but I didn’t start off that way…


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My writing career started when I was five. I overheard someone talking about the missing Princess Anastasia, and how she came from Russia where the Cossacks lived. I came from suburban Brisbane where the Cusacks lived, and that link was enough for my tiny brain put the two things together. Almost instantly I began to believe that I was Anastasia, secreted inside a Brisbane family, for my own protection.

My little brother used to hide my dolls, but I stopped worrying about that, because I was suddenly sure he wasn’t my brother. My real brother was back in the magical land of Russia, where I imagined all sorts of enchanted things might occur.

A harmless enough fantasy, you might imagine, and perhaps easily forgotten, but somehow the story stayed in my mind, and the little princess grew along with me. As a teenager…

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