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GoodbyeWinterWe’re not quite to the end of August, but my first freesia flowered today, the weather is warmer and kangaroos are racing around with a new spring in their hop, so I’m ready to let go of the cold weather (not that it really gets all that cold here by the beautiful Coral Sea just outside Bundaberg) and herald in the warmer temperatures with a few of my favorite winter recipes:

Breakfast of champions: Hot custard (as thick as you can make it) topped with toasted muesli

Lunch: Potatoes mashed with French Onion dip

Dinner: Anything hot and tasty (this meal was mushroom pasta and toasted olive bread), so long as you can watch the moon rising over the water while you eat it!

These are not diet recipes! But winter is a challenge for me, and for most writers I suspect, because we have to sit still for so long. A cold day just gets colder as it progresses! So we need something warm and comforting to get us through.

Summer is for diets and fresh fruit and frolicking. Winter is all about hot meals, snuggling up and LOTS of coffee!

I hope winter is fabulous for you wherever you live. I try to enjoy all the seasons, but I suspect I was a bear in a past life because during winter I just want to hibernate, until the mashed potato comes out, and then I come alive!

I’d love to hear if you’ve got favorite winter food that helps you get through the cooler months wherever you live.