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Welcome to the Hapless Heroes collection of stand-alone romantic comedies, available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited.  These hunky heroes might be hopeless when it comes to romance, but they’ll do any crazy thing to make their sassy heroine swoon and win her heart.

Marriage and the MermaidMarriage and the Mermaid: 

Adorable Winifred Malone may or may not be obsessed with Baz Wilson, but one thing she knows for sure is that they belong together. So she’s not about to let a mermaid come between them, or a demented father and the internet scammer who’s trying to steal his fortune. Not a kleptomaniac cleaning lady and the messy mermaid she’s cleaning up after. Not an OCD marine biologist and certainly not the harried constable trying to make sense of it all. Wynne only cares about marrying Baz, and she’s not prepared to let anything get in her way!

Praise for Marriage and the Mermaid (a full length novel): “Louise Cusack has boldly gone where no romance writer has gone before. The book starts with one hero and ends with another. Highly recommended. 5/5” — Romance Book Haven

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Goddess and the GeekGoddess and the Geek

Cranky oyster farmer Natasha Barri has enough trouble with a fallen-down house and poachers stealing from her lease. The last thing she needs is a big, helpless landlubber like Julian Wilde turning up on her island with his dewy, green eyes permanently stuck on her swimsuit. Romance is so far down her priority list, it needs its own basement room, but Julian insists on meddling and ‘trying to help’. One more catastrophe, however, and she’ll be acquainting him with the pointy end of her gutting blade. Voodoo won’t save him from that!

Praise for Goddess and the Geek (a novella): “GODDESS AND THE GEEK is fresh and fun. It is filled with amusing dialogue and witty comebacks. Author Louise Cusack has brought a refreshing story filled with hilarious and unusual characters.” — Romance Book Haven

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Sex and the Stand InSex and the Stand In:

Marianne’s divorce has just come through, and instead of celebrating the opportunities in front of her, she can’t stop thinking of the past and the drop-dead-sexy man she should have married. Complicating matters is Justin who works in her office. He may or may not be gay, but he looks so much like her long-lost love she can’t help wondering… will he help her recreate that moment where she should have lost her virginity? And if he says yes, what’s his motive?

Praise for Sex and the Stand In (a novella): “A quirky romance, a hapless hero, an irresistible premise (he loves her but she thinks he’s gay!). Not to mention snappy dialogue and memorable characters.” — Romance Book Haven

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