Storytelling in Strange Lands

Welcome to my website, where I can share my storytelling passion with you. I love thrusting brave women into worlds that are new and strange to them, and my first fantasy series sends an everyday woman from our world through a watery portal into a sepia kingdom. There’s something about seeing a world through fresh eyes that stimulates my creativity and I’m currently working across media as well: writing novels and working with computer game companies to develop fantasy world-building. I also teach writers here, and blog about my adventures as an author here.

But firstly, let me tell you about my books! If you adore easy-to-read fantasy, then take time out of your busy life to immerse yourself in my Shadow Through Time trilogy where you’ll find headstrong princesses and their heroic champions struggling to save a world falling into chaos.


Follow the destinies of Khatrene, Lae and Glimmer as they fight to protect their people through intrigues that take them from the Volcastle atop an active volcano, through melancholy Rue Marsh, the Forest of Desire where every sexual fantasy is fulfilled, a sentient lake that hides an underwater keep, across the desolate Plainsman territories and finally to the edge of the  Everlasting Ocean where the castle of The Dark crouches like an angry black fist…

If you’d care to know more about me, I’d love to connect with you on Twitter and/or Facebook (links on the sidebar to your left) and you can also follow my blog to stay informed about promotions, appearances and upcoming releases.

Cheers from Australia!

Feature image by Blainey – Inspiration and Design




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