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Hello and welcome to my website, where I can share my storytelling passion with you. I love thrusting brave women into situations/worlds that are new and strange to them. And as well as writing novels, I work with computer game companies to develop fantasy and sci-fi world-building. I also teach writers here, and blog about my adventures as an author here.

But first, let me tell you about my books! If you like passionate love stories in amazing fantasy settings, then take time out of your busy life to immerse yourself in my Shadow Through Time trilogy where you’ll find headstrong princesses and their heroic champions struggling to save a world falling into chaos. Or if you prefer a darker, sexier read, my award-winning erotic novels written under the pseudonym Elizabeta Brooke might be just what you’re after!

I’d love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or Google+. Writers love to hear what readers think of their books, so please do share that, either personally or via book reviews. Your time spent doing that is greatly appreciated!

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